SF StuDIOS distribuerar IRON SKY THE COMING RACE i Norden


SF Studios, Iron Sky Universe


SF Studios has picked the distribution rights for the Nordics (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland) for the long-awaited sequel to the cult hit Iron Sky, released in 2012, called Iron Sky The Coming Race. The film is scheduled to open in Finland on Valentine’s Day 2018, February 14th followed by Sweden, Denmark and Norway soon after. Plowing the way for the pan-Nordic release, the first teaser of the film is out, and has already gained over million hits on the Internet.

“SF Studios’ involvement in the film marks an important step in the production, and I couldn’t be happier with the schedule and the plans SF Studios has”, said producer Kaukomaa. 

”Collaborating with the Iron Sky Universe team, producer Tero Kaukomaa and director Timo Vuorensola for a Pan Nordic release is something we look forward to. IRON SKY THE COMING RACEis a fantastic project with a unique universe and a big fan-base that gives us an opportunity to build an innovative campaign for the Nordic market” says Jenny Stjernströmer Björk, Chief Content Officer at SF Studios.

“I’ve been working on this film for years, and now, with the release schedule forming up, I’m finally able to sigh in relief”, director Timo Vuorensola says.

Iron Sky The Coming Race is the second part in the Moon Nazi trilogy. The first film, released in 2012, introduced the Nazis on the Dark Side of the Moon, who had been plotting their revenge ever since the end of the second world war. The film’s political satire has proven to be surprisingly accurate in today’s world. Iron Sky The Coming Race takes place 25 years after the events of the first film, in the post apocalyptic world where the remnants of mankind have made their refugee on the Dark Side of the Moon, on the former Nazi moonbase. But they can’t survive here much longer. Obi, the daughter of the Moonbase’s leader, finds a glimmer of hope: an ancient map pointing into the Hollow Earth. Now Obi, along with Sasha, the russian polot and her best (and most muscular) friend Malcolm, venture to the center of the ruined planet to face the army of dinosaurs guarding mankind’s last hope for salvation: the Holy Grail.

The film, directed by Timo Vuorensola and written by Dalan Musson, starring Lara Rossi (Crossing Lines), Vladimir Burlakov (Deutschland ’83) and Udo Kier (Blade, Armageddon), is budgeted at 17 million euros, with visual effects produced by Pixomondo (Game of Thrones, Hugo).

International Sales are handled by Myriad genre label Scoundrel Media.

The teaser is available on:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxiCnhH6TcM 

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IRON SKY THE COMING RACE is a sequel to Iron Sky, introducing the Center of the Earth as a new stage for the story. The 19 million US dollar budget film is now in post-production. It was shot in October-December 2015 in Belgium and will be released in 2018. The film is a Finnish-German-Belgian co-production and is produced by Tero Kaukomaa as the delegate producer (Iron Sky Universe) from Finland, Oliver Damian (27 Films Production) from Germany and Peter De Maegd and Tom Hameeuw (Potemkino) from Belgium. Iron Sky the Coming Race stars Lara Rossi, Vladimir Burlakov and Kit Dale. Other major roles are played by Julia Dietze and Udo Kier, both returning from first Iron Sky, and as a new addition Tom Green. International sales are handled by Myriad Pictures genre label Scoundrel Media.

IRON SKY UNIVERSE is a new production company focusing solely on expanding the Iron Sky franchise and developing online platforms for audience engagement. At the moment it is producing a sequel to Iron Sky titled Iron Sky The Coming Race. Also, it is currently working on Chinese-Finnish feature film Iron Sky: The Ark and a multi-season TV series. The company is owned by Tero Kaukomaa and Timo Vuorensola from Finland, including over 500 shareholders from over 30 countries.