Wikke & Rasmussen ready for silver screen comeback - shooting of the new family film “Gooseboy” has begun

SF Studios today announces that Michael Wikke and Steen Rasmussen are soon returning to the silver screen with the star-studded family film “Gooseboy”, featuring a dazzling and colorful universe of fantastic characters, music and talking animals. Wikke and Rasmussen are back – and still at the top of their game!

Wikke & Rasmussen last captivated cinemagoers with the family film “Skymaster” in 2006. “Skymaster” earned an impressive seven nominations at the Danish Film Academy’s Robert Awards, winning two, as well as a Bodil Award from the Danish Film Critics Association.

Actress Bodil Jørgensen has also been nominated in the Danish Film Critics Association Bodil Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in the film.

In “Gooseboy” we meet Viggo, a boy who lives and breathes for gaming. But one day his life is forever changed when a talking goose crash-lands on his balcony! A broken wing stands in the way of the goose’s desperate mission to catch up with her flock, so Viggo has to step up and help his new friend. Together they embark on an extraordinary, outlandish and colorful journey that proves much more demanding than Viggo could have ever imagined! 

In the role of Viggo we meet Thomas Ravn, who appeared in the Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s thriller series “Kolonien ”, while the goose Nissemand  is played by the circus goose Fine. The cast also includes Szhirley in the role of Viggo’s mother and Frida Luna Roswall Mattsson as Viggo’s new friend Vigga. Roswall Mattsson made her feature film debut as Pusle in the 2010 film “My Sister’s Kids Go To Nordjylland”.

The film features appearances by a host of celebrity Danish actors and musicians, including Nicolas Bro, Søren Malling, Rasmus Bjerg, Dario Campeotto, Ulrich Thomsen, Caroline Henderson, Pharfar, Klumben, Chapper, Peter Lützen – and, of course, Michael Wikke and Steen Rasmussen.

The producer /director/scriptwriter duo Michael Wikke and Steen Rasmussen have worked in tandem for more than 35 years, creating some of the best and most innovative Danish television entertainment ever, with titles including “Robin Hat & Jagten på den forsvundne hat” , “Ronnie Rosé si’r helt go’ nat”, “Sonny Soufflé Chok Show” and “Tonny Toupé Show”. They have also made the feature films “Russian Pizza Blues” (1992), “Hannibal & Jerry” (1997), “Motello” (1998), “Flyvende farmor” (2001) and “Skymaster” (2006). Wikke & Rasmussen’s latest project prior to “Gooseboy” was the 2012 Christmas series “Julestjerner” for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation.

“Gooseboy” is produced by SF Studios in collaboration with Græsted Film & Fjernsyn. The film has received generous support from the Danish Film Institute via the Market Scheme, the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, the Hungarian National Film Fund, Act3 and Maan Rental, and is distributed by SF Studios. “Gooseboy” will be released on October 3rd 2019.

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Photo: Michael Wikke and Steen Rasmussen / Credit Jan Pallesen

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