The Ingmar Bergman Script Award

Ingmar Bergman (1918-2007) is one of the world’s most influential and respected directors and scriptwriters of all time. He was a storyteller, and his films were usually based on his own scripts. SF Studios has produced many of his greatest films that are a part of Swedish film history and SF Studios’ library of content.
SF Studios and The Bergman Center has collaborated for many years to preserve the legacy of Ingmar Bergman’s life work and heritage. As part of this collaboration, SF Studios and The Bergman Center want to encourage young filmmakers and scriptwriters to write scripts for feature films with high artistic ambitions, aiming to reach a broad audience. Stories that amuse, touch, challenge and entertain, but above all encourage a dialogue with a big audience.
Application Criteria

The Ingmar Bergman Script Award was introduced in 2023 and will be awarded annually at The Bergman Week at The Bergman Center at Fårö, Gotland in Sweden. The selected scriptwriter will receive a financial contribution of 50 000 SEK for his/her work and get the opportunity to be coached by a renowned filmmaker/director/scriptwriter. 

The criteria to apply for The Ingmar Bergman Script Award are the following:

  • Script (90-120 pages) that is an original story in a feature film format in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish or Finnish with a clear ambition to entertain a wide audience.
  • Concept presentation (1/2 page) with the idea, concept and ambition with the film.
  • Synopsis (1 page) that presents the prerequisites and overall story. 
  • CV with relevant film and script experience. The scriptwriter has to have a relevant education or written a script for a produced film or TV series.
  • Only one script per scriptwriter is accepted.
  • Two or more scriptwriters for each script are allowed, but the award and financial contribution will be shared between the scriptwriters.
  • A jury will review the scripts and select the winner of The Ingmar Bergman Script Award. The winning entry cannot be appealed.

The application for the Ingmar Bergman Script Award is closed. The winner will be announced during Bergman Week on Fårö.

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