For the past 100 years, SF Studios has been a leading film and TV producer in the Nordics.

We produce high quality films and TV series and work with the best creative talent in the industry.

We create worlds for people to return to.

Our expertise lies in producing and co-producing films and TV content that appeal to broad audiences around the world.
We have production units in Sweden, Norway and Denmark and have also produced English language films and TV series for an international market.

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes at Evil (2022)
Behind the scenes at JerryMaya's Detective Agency – The Secret of the Train Robber (2020)
Behind the scenes at Quisling (2022)
Behind the scenes at Snabba Cash Season 2 (2021)
Behind the scenes at The Emigrants (2020)
Behind the scenes at Evil (2022)
Behind the scenes at JerryMaya's Detective Agency – The Secret of the Train Robber (2020)Behind the scenes at Quisling (2022)Behind the scenes at Snabba Cash Season 2 (2021)Behind the scenes at The Emigrants (2020)Behind the scenes at Evil (2022)

SF Studios Talking Heads

SF Studios Talking Heads is a series of personal interviews with talent from SF Studios’ productions. We interview talent both behind and in front of the camera to give the audience a glimpse of the magic that goes into making a film or TV series. The interviews are available on our Youtube playlist SF Studios Talking Heads and more interviews will be added continuously. 
  • Tuva Novotny, Actress, The Abyss

  • Bill Skarsgård, 
    Actor, Burn All My Letters

  • Asta Kamma August
    Actress, Burn All My Letters

  • Björn Runge
    Director - Burn All My Letters

  • Annika Sucksdorff
    Producer, Burn All My Letters

  • Hannes Holm
    Director, A Christmas Tale

  • Fredrik Wikström Nicastro
    Producer, The Emigrants

  • Lisa Carlehed
    Actress, The Emigrants

  • Gustaf Skarsgård
    Actor, The Emigrants

  • Tove Lo
    Actress, The Emigrants

  • Lars Bredo Rahbek

    Producer, Margrete - Queen of the North

  • Trine Dyrholm
    Actress, Margrete - Queen of the North

  • Charlotte Sieling
    Director, Margrete - Queen of the North

  • Tina Mackic
    Director, JerryMaya's Detective Agency - The Riddle of the Scorpion

  • Jonathan Ridings
    Producer, JerryMaya's Detective Agency - The Riddle of the Scorpion

Our film productions

Since 1919, SF Studios has produced some of cinema’s most iconic films. We continue to produce a wide range of films across genres targeting broad audiences both in the Nordics and worldwide.
Children’s entertainment has always been close to our hearts to at SF Studios and we continue to produce some of the most beloved kids’ films in the Nordics.
  • A Man Called Otto (2022)

  • Nelly Rapp - The Secret of the Black Forest (2023)

  • The Seventh Seal (1957)

  • Quisling (2024)

  • Ehrengard - The Art of Seduction (2023)

  • The Conference (2023)

  • The Final Race (2023)

Our TV productions

SF Studios has produced a large number of popular and acclaimed TV series for the Nordic and international market.
We aim to be the best partner for broadcasters and streaming services. Quality is at the heart of everything we do.
  • Evil (2023)

  • The Lawyer (2018-)

  • The Seaside Hotel (2013-)

  • Welcome to Utmark (2021)

  • Snabba Cash (2021-)

  • The New Nurses (2018-)

  • Oxen (2023-)

100 years of filmmaking

Since 1919, SF Studios has been a leading Nordic film studio that has produced and distributed some of cinema’s most iconic films and worked with some of the greatest talents in the industry.

We have worked with Ingmar Bergman, Ingrid Bergman, Greta Garbo, Liv Ullman, Jan Troell, Bille August, Carl Theodor Dreyer, Astrid Lindgren, Lasse Hallström, Stellan Skarsgård, Joel Kinnaman, Alicia Vikander, and more.

Take part of our history
  • Greta Garbo

  • Ingmar Bergman

  • Ingrid Bergman

  • Greta Garbo

  • Ingmar Bergman

  • Ingrid Bergman

  • Greta Garbo

  • Ingmar Bergman

  • Ingrid Bergman


SF Studios has been the leading force in Swedish film and TV production for more than 100 years, having produced many of the films of Ingrid Bergman, Greta Garbo and Ingmar Bergman, as well as Astrid Lindgren’s most well-known works.

Today, SF Studios continues to produce critically acclaimed masterpieces, box office hits and popular family films.

SF Studios’ biggest film successes in recent years include films such as Borg vs. McEnroeThe Final RaceThe EmigrantsNelly Rapp - Monster Agent, the Easy Money-trilogy and A Man Called Ove (one of the most viewed films in Sweden of all time), as well as TV-series such as Snabba CashEVILThe Lawyer and Saga’s Stories.

In 2019, SF Studios also acquired a majority stake the Swedish production company FLX, owned by Felix Herngren and Pontus Edgren. FLX is the producer of many successful Swedish films and TV series such as Sunny Side, Bonus Family and the Netflix series Quicksand.


Through creative partnerships, SF Studios has developed a strong presence in the Norwegian film and TV market.

In 2018, SF Studios acquired the Norwegian production company Paradox, one of the most acknowledged production companies in Norway founded by Finn Gjerdrum, Stein B. Kvae and Erik Poppe. The company has produced acclaimed films such as The King’s Choice and Utöya July 22.   

SF Studios also has longstanding relationships with Norwegian production companies Motion Blur, founded in 2013 by internationally acclaimed directors Joachim Rønning, Espen Sandberg and Harald Zwart; and Filmkameratene, founded by John M. Jacobsen, which has produced renowned films and TV series such as Heavy Water War, Trollhunter and Burning.


Since 2005, SF Studios in Denmark has become one of the country’s leading producers of quality content.

For more than two decades, our proud history includes film successes such as Pernille Rose Grønkjær’s documentary The Monastery, Mads Matthiesen’s debut feature film Teddy Bear, Niels Gråbøl’s The Gift, Nicolo Donato’s Across the Waters as well as Marie Krøyer and Silent Heart by Palme d’Or-winner Bille August.

SF Studios' production in Denmark has been particularly strong in producing TV series, such as the comedy series Rita, the ground-breaking crime series Norskov, the award-winning The New Nurses as well as Seaside Hotel, one of the most popular shows in Danish TV history. Recent film productions include Out of Tune, Maybe Baby, Margrethe - Queen of the North, Pretty Young Thing, Loving Adults and Love You For Now.


SF Studios has produced English language feature film to reach a broader international audience.

In 2020, SF Studios released its first fully English language feature film Horizon Line, directed by Mikael Marcimain starring Allison Williams and Alexander Dreymon.

In December 2022, the English language adaptation of the New York Times no 1 bestseller, A Man Called Otto (Swedish title En man som heter Ove) - starring Tom Hanks premiered across the world.

Awards and recognition

SF Studios is proud of its long tradition of being highly recognized for its outstanding contribution to cinema. During our 100 year history we have received some of the most prestigious international and Nordic awards for our achievements in film and TV.

We will continue to tell great stories with the best creators to enchant large audiences around the world.

  • 3

    Academy Awards

  • 2

    Grand Prix

  • 2

    Golden Bears

  • 3

    Academy Awards

  • 2

    Grand Prix

  • 2

    Golden Bears

  • 3

    Academy Awards

  • 2

    Grand Prix

  • 2

    Golden Bears

The Ingmar Bergman Script Award

SF Studios and The Bergman Center wish to encourage young filmmakers and scriptwriters in the creation of feature film scripts that seek to combine an artistic ambition with the aim to reach a broad audience. As part of this collaboration, we have introduced The Ingmar Bergman Script Award that is awarded yearly to a selected scriptwriter during The Bergman Week at Fårö in Sweden.

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