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    In 2019, we celebrated SF Studios´ 100th anniversary, highlighting century of film, talents and events. 

  • Our films 1919-2019 

    Browse through century of selected films. For each production you’ll find an article about the film. 

  • The talents 

    For over 100 years, SF Studios has worked with some of the best talents in the film industry. 

  • Our story 

    SF Studios was founded on December 27, 1919 through merger of AB Svenska Biografteatern and Filmindustri AB Skandia. 

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    Learn more about our talents and history in these long reads. 

Our films 1919-2019

Browse through a century of selected films. For each production you’ll find an article about the film.

Read about how it was received, the talents in front of and behind the camera and its place in the history of SF Studios.

The talents

For over 100 years, SF Studios has worked with some of the best talents in the film industry.

Some of them have graced the screen and entertained us, others have made the films come true by producing, directing and writing. Some of them have created magic through cinematography, editing and set design, and some of them are simply irreplaceable. Together, they have contributed to our success.

Our story

SF Studios was founded on December 27, 1919 through a merger of AB Svenska Biografteatern and Filmindustri AB Skandia.

Already in beginning, the company achieved international success and contributed to the “Golden Age” of Swedish cinema with films like The Phantom Carriage, Witchcraft Through the Ages and The Legend of Gösta Berling.

Featured articles